Mindful Selling: How to Sell without Being Salesy (Invitation Only)

Learn from the UK’s leading Mindful Selling expert Anis Qizilbash, who transformed from a shy, socially-awkward introvert to generating millions in sales in her corporate career, how to get your customers saying YES to your product/service without being salesy.

After this interactive workshop you will:

  1. Have clarity on where and how to start a “sales conversation”
  2. Learn the difference between what founders say and what buyers buy when it comes to explaining what you do and why it matters; and learn how to speak your buyers language so they GET what you’re selling.
  3. Learn the critical conversation you must always have with your prospects if you ever hope to win the sale.

You’ll get plenty of opportunity to role-play your new skills, so you use them straight away and start enjoying results. And all of this without being salesy, slimy, or needing a personality transplant.