GNSS Awareness Navigation accompanies us every day, as its one of the main features of our smartphones. Nowadays, using GNSS (satellites), our smart phones can locate us with 5-15m accuracy in an open environment. What if we could change it? What if we could make it better? This session aims to learn the opinions from participants and get feedback on a product that people from different sectors can use.

The day will be divided into two parts. During the morning session, speakers from the University of Nottingham and NSL will talk about the current use of GNSS on smartphones and discuss its improvements based on GNSS RAW measurements. Participants will also be introduced to the GSA - funded FLAMINGO project, which aims to provide meter level accuracy on mobile devices. The morning part will end with a discussion with project members from UK and France.

The afternoon session will include a breakout discussion during which participants will think about the applications of the meter level mobile navigation and eGNSS. They will also get familiar with the FLAMINGO mock-up API and test it with their own product. This session will end with a discussion on possible developments during the hackathon (Q1 2020).

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