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Only 1 in 3 Data Analysts & Data Scientists have significant expertise in spatial analysis, with too many of us thinking spatial or location planning as things that only that distant GIS department somewhere does. Does this ring a bell in your Retail or FMCG organization? It's time for this to change, and we'd like to bring the community together to discuss.

This meetup will bring together industry experts to share best practice on spatial use cases in action (twin area analyses, revenue prediction), as well as providing a hands on session with an example on how to use Python in the site selection process.
What will you get from this meetup?
  • The opportunity to meet and network with other Data Analytics specialists from the Retail and FMCG industry.
  • Hear about the challenges and opportunities of using new data streams such as human mobility data and credit card transaction insights in their existing models.
  • New spatial skills to enable your data analytics strategy to move away from Business Intelligence to Location Intelligence using new and open source technologies.
Natalie Rose, PhD student at University of Liverpool, will give a talk about: Quantifying the impact of weather on daily retail sales: spatial variations.

Weather is a key influential factor on both product demand and consumer purchasing decisions, both directly and indirectly. As a result, an understanding of the nature of the relationship between weather and sales can be extremely valuable for retailers and other stakeholders. Using extensive sales data from a well-known high street retailer in the UK, combined with meteorological data, we can study the varying impact of different weather conditions on daily retail sales. This talk will focus on the spatial variations of this influence, both locally and regionally.

This event is supported by CARTO.