Building Your Team - In Practice Whatever the size, a business making a bad hire can be a costly exercise. Not only financially, but the impact also (and in particular to a start-up or SME) can cause havoc to the business model, internal relationships, project delivery, time lost through the recruitment process – the list goes on!

In partnership with ADLIB, Geovation are hosting two sessions to help those wanting to build their team. Regardless of whether you are looking to make your first hire or are expanding. The two sessions will cover the theory of hiring and growing a team, defining an internal culture that is inclusive and onboarding new employees. We’ll be providing practical tools and guides for each of these areas.

This session will cover the practical things that you need to consider when going out to recruit for talent.
It will cover:

• A step-by-step process around creating engaging job descriptions to help attract top talent alongside how to create a “perfect” interview process.
• How to go about finding candidates in the most effective and cost-efficient way possible.
• Defining the key considerations for recruitment campaign to attract, shortlist, and select talent.
• Covering key tools that you can use to help refine internal culture, creating effective CRM systems for recruitment, and things to consider when onboarding.
• Pointers around the best practice and tools for recruiting and onboarding remotely.
• Pointers around creating a diverse and inclusive recruitment campaign.

If you missed the theoretical introduction, please watch this on our Vimeo Channel now.

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