Mastering the Art of Pitching & Presenting Virtually

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By now, we have all become accustomed to presenting or pitching online, using Zoom, Teams or any other video conferencing platform. 

However, while most of the body language techniques for communicating in-person still apply when presenting online, pitching to a virtual audience requires some specific adjustments to your body language if you want to convey your message with clarity and confidence.

Key Takeaways: Learn specific tips and tools to ensure your online pitch or presentation is as strong and impactful as in-person.

Session Expert:

Kim Arazi - Founder & Chief Experience officer, innosensi

Kim is the Founder and Chief Experience Officer of innosensi, a sensory innovation studio that designs crossmodal experiences to help leaders embody their purpose and innovate from the inside-out. As part of her embodiment work, and with over 10 years experience working in the startup ecosystem, Kim also delivers body language training and workshops (using the Metaspeech method) for founders who want to master their pitching/presentation skills.