Follow the instructions below to make a booking:

  • Create an Account and log in.
  • Go to Members Area and select Bookings.
  • Click Make a booking.
  • A pop up will allow you to select a desk under the title Resource and your preferred times. You can also leave a note. Once finished, select Save booking.
  • Your desk will be reserved for 1 hour until the booking is released to someone else, so please arrive on time.
  • You can review your bookings at My Bookings.
  • Select your booking to either amend or cancel. You can also make additional bookings following the same format as above.
  • If you cannot make your reservation, please cancel your booking at least a day before so someone else can reserve it.

Remember, even if you have used your allocated 50 hours for the month you're still allowed to use the space on a hot desking basis, subject to availability.

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