The Map is Not the Territory: Representation, Bias & Inequity Benchmark #3 - The map is not the territory: representation, bias and inequity in location data

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About this Event

Data is always a selection, not a full account of reality. Some degree of bias is pretty much inevitable, in a summary of anything that is recorded and presented by data. When service providers – private sector or public – use that data to deliver services and allocate resources, that bias in the data can affect subjects (consumers, the public) and how they are treated.

Individuals and groups can lose out, disappearing from the picture, or appearing in the categories that lead to harm. This can create complex and opaque risks for innovators and service providers, who want to gain the potential benefits of the location data that is increasingly available from different sources.

This event will uncover the risks to individuals and service providers, from selection and bias in geospatial data, and how those can be managed.