Introduction to Flutter

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Developed by Google, and with the first stable release as recent as late 2018, Flutter is the fastest growing mobile development platform. Last year it overtook React Native to become the most popular cross-platform mobile framework used by software developers worldwide.


With such a rapid rise many people are still left asking what Flutter is, what advantages (and disadvantages) it has, and whether they should invest time in it.


This session won’t delve deep into Flutter code (which uses the dart programming language), but will cover:

  • Flutter’s history and a summary of a flutter app;
  • Flutter in comparison to other cross-platform frameworks; 
  • Targeting a Flutter app for different platforms;
  • Advantages and disadvantages of Flutter;
  • Developing Flutter plugins.


You don’t need a high level of technical experience for this session, but it would be useful to be aware of some of the features of cross-platform mobile app development. The session would be useful for anyone who is new to Flutter and wants to find out more, such as project managers, product owners, developers, and new product founders.


Session Expert

Dave Rowe is a full stack developer specialising in geospatial software. Starting out in CRM software for the financial sector he moved into web development for local government and public sector websites, before also developing a number of mobile applications using native and cross platform development tools. He has been using Flutter since 2020, when he developed a successful e-commerce application for a large food provider.